NE Peninsula

NE peninsula

(Known as Rabau in lizardfolk which means hole)

a mountainous peninsula surrounding a deep harbour. active volcanism has destroyed ancient buildings

the North western coast is dominated by mangroves with occasional sandy beaches. the North eastern coast of the peninsula is more rugged and the southern side is still ashy from recent volcanism.

within the larger bay the eastern side has been covered by ash and mud from repeated volcanic activity, the north and west of the bay is relatively clear from ash. jungle has reclaimed the area but ruins of buildings are visible.

on the south east of the bay is the most recent volcano – actively smoking.

the bay was discovered by First officer Thomas DeLacey and companions 26 days after arrival in the new world

so far the crystallans have found Salamanders enslaving Ifrit (Half fire elementals) to build structures for them. the salamander king has a hall in one of the eastern volcanoes but is allegedly preparing a move to the southern volcano on the western side of the bay.

the city on the north of the larger bay is generally ruined, but some buildings have survived. Inside the city are monkey-goblins and Fire-eaters




NE Peninsula

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