Errk Chirrk


Errk Chirrk and Patchy


Errk has spent zis entire life in the grippli community around firefall bay. As is usual for grippli ze’s spend time helping out around the families interests, and quickly realized ze enjoyed most spending time around the giant Saurians bred in the pens. With a knack for dealing with the beasts ze has been recognized for his skills and recently started some ‘unofficial’ training with the hunters guild involving trips into the mangroves and treant country.
Errk first met Pachy when he was a small hatchling and had got lost from his pod. Later in life when Errk was training to be a rider and was almost caught in a stampede it was Pachy who stood over zim allowing zim to get to zis feet and escape injury. The two have been inseperable ever since – now their main role is riding patrols around the pens preventing carnivores from attacking the young.
Errk is bright green with blueish flashes on his belly and side which also reach his throat when ze is agitated or excited. Ze wears lightweight riding leathers, made from dinosaur hide, which are a muddy green and a simple pouch for possessions. Ze carries a bow, quiver of arrows and a goad (18” stick with spike and curved hook)


“Patchy” – has striking green and brown patterns, and a small brand on his haunches () which identifies him as grippli owned. He has a chain harness around his head and shoulders with some loops on his cheeks away from his small beak. The Brown Hide barding he wears is also heavy dinosaur hide, cured and cut to shape.
His forearms are quite dexterous and used for balance as well as grabbing food from bushes and trees. He can carry items in his front claws but only lightweight items and has a tendency to drop them if distracted by food or combat. Their small clawed hands are designed for grabbing branches and reaching the best food, although quite capable of reaching into backpacks and sacks for treats if not adequately supervised…
Before he became a riding dinosaur he was used for general haulage. He’s quite capable of doing this but isn’t enthusiastic and will often take significant persuasion to don a working harness instead of his riding armour.
If standing fully upright he can reach 7’ in height, but his normal stance is bent over at a height of around 4’ at the hips.
Pachycepholosaurus are known as “boneheads” or “Rams” around firefall bay, knowledge nature is required to know their academic name. Pachycephalosaurs live on a mixed diet of leaves, seeds, and fruits – their small but sharp, serrated teeth are very effective for shredding plants.

Errk Chirrk

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