The Greatest City

Session 1,28


Session 1,28 – Missing

see also – TIME PASSES

Landing + 199

Esme has been working with Loxy / Mulranik in developing her ‘sneak’ skills. she pushes to go exploring the fey infested mangroves on the other side of the ridge but loxy refuses until more people are available for the trip
Loxy organises a dinner party for the group when Esme’s maid arrives. Female Tengu R’kaw, and says that Esme is missing and her brother, Talmar, Is most insistent on finding her.
Checking her quarters finds that her wilderness kit is missing. No-one has seen her since lunchtime. Thomas DeLacey talks with marines patrolling the town one of them saw Esme mid afternoon saying she was heading to the observatory. Academics at the observatory say that she never arrived.

At this point loxy spots a faint trail heading up the path leading away to the north west – although several hours behind the group follow the trail over the ridge and down into the wide mangrove swamps of the interior. Known to be full of fey the group proceed cautiously until they reach an intersection of the paths where the trail is blurred by a lot of activity.

Amber Fleetfoot of the light is surprised by a tree turning to watch the group and after a tense introduction the group manage to converse with the treant ‘Lianna’ who informs them that ‘the grizzle’ have been causing trouble and may have taken their companion. the treant indicates which direction the grizzle are (and they soon find tracks to confirm) but warns the group that they are visitors only to the swamp, as they haven’t made up their minds yet….

following an obvious trail Loxy determines there are 4 – 5 individuals with large heavy boots carrying an object (esme?). when they reach an encampment, they can smell a broth cooking but no sign of anyone.

Mulranik investigates and finds a crotchety old man wearing a red cap, with boots and scythe, hiding in the undergrowth. blows are exchanged and the rest of the group rush in, finding several others hiding in the undergrowth. Surrounding one, Thomas and Mulranik cut him down but the others escape moving faster than the group can follow.

Investigating the camp and the hollow tree they find sleeping space for 5 but no sing of esme. tracks lead to the coast so the group continue.



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