The Greatest City

Session 1,23

Lost in the Jungle

Session 1,23

Day 83
the group recover overnight from their last encounter and decide to approach the tower along the river valley in the hope of contacting some of Hano Kito’s tribe. During the night they spot a large flying creature patrolling the valley

the next morning they choose the easier valley route to try and return Hano Kito home. Loxy advances but when they spot several green skinned lizardfolk and Hano Kito advances he retreats due to the large red lizardfolk behind the green foragers

Chirrk summons a fiendish Rhino and after some confusion the red lizardfolk is subdued by Mulranik and Thomas

Hano Kito explains that the reds are the guards of the leader, and if the red reports to the leader he will be declared a ghost and shunned by his tribe. the party leave the red tied up in the bushes and advance towards the tower and the lizardfolk tribes village

Hano kito attempts to sneak into the village, but as several house pass the group decide to investigate themselves. unfortunately Mulranik finds several traps and is forced to flee form red guards on the village. as night falls the party move to the east of the village and seek shelter in some large trees

unfortunately the party fail to camougflage themselves from the flying beast, revealed to be a large dragon. the first pass bambam, Chirrk and Zoran are bathed in acid. as the group retreat to the jungle floor Amber heals frantically while Zoran and Loxy cast spells.

the dragon passes over the trees again and breathes another cone of acid over the group. Chirrks air elemental, Loxy’s lighnting storm and Bambam’s shot have little effect and the group are badly damaged with Chirrk killed and Zoran unconscious. Amber frantically heals but as the dragon readies for another pass the group decide they need to split up and scatter into the jungle….


Amber Fleetfoot of the light
Dr Chirrk
Loxy Kitsune
Mulranik Havana
Thomas DeLacey
Zoran of the Heavens



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