The Greatest City

Session 1,17

The last prince

Day 30 – Dawn

Before dawn the group are discussing potential names for the ruins when a trio of shooting stars pass across the sky. Dr Chirrk suggests “Firefall” as a name denoting both the omen of the stars and the demise of the salamanders.

The group are attacked by the last prince while camping below the new hall. Luckily Mulranik Havana spotted the prince before he could attack the spell-casters and despite receiving serious wounds managed to alert the rest of the group to defeat the prince.

On the princes body was a magical rapier, a mithril ring, a ring of feather fall, a Salamander Brass Wand and an ornate jewelled harness with woven metal pouches.

The group made their way to the east side of the bay and disembarked at the sulphurous creek north of the shipwreck. The jolly boat, with Tarekkaw and the two sailors returned to the bay to guide the nymph through the reefs, with a selection of artifacts found in the ruins and from the salamanders.

The group failed to meet the ifirit as planned, but continue with the two marines and as the party climb the side of the old volcano they see the Azure Nymph sail around the headland into the bay.

The entrance to the old hall is approximately half way up the western slope of the volcano. the air has a distinct smell of brimstone and the ground becomes barren and inhospitable. two statues, worn but recognisably salamanders, are carved on either side of a 10’ wide archway.

Beyond the short passageway it opens into a square room with columns on either side. directly in front of the group is a frieze of a volcano, and on a ledge above is a brazier with a fire, appearing to erupt from the volcano. ramps on either side of the room lead up to the ledge.

the group investigate the room, discovering that a salamander had been behind one of the statues recently, although they were unable to determine where they had gone too. BamBam spotted that the volcano frieze was in fact a secret door and after some subtle interrogation of the small elemental in the brazier they worked out that a handful of this elemental, thrown against the door, would open it.

Mulranik wedges the door open and the group continue into the hall…..



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